Now is the Time to Invest in Real Estate!

Building your own real estate portfolio could be one the wisest moves you make throughout your life and will provide you with a variety of retirement opportunities as well building your own wealth. With property values as low as they are in this market, buying an investment property can lead to positive cash flow monthly as well as greatly build your wealth over time when the housing market turns around. There are plenty of great investment opportunities out to be taken and with my involvement with many of the local investors in this area, I know I can help you make an investment decision you will be happy you made.

Services I Provide to You

1. A thorough explanation and analysis of each investment opportunity available on the market.

2. An annual rate of return on your money directly invested.

3. A break down of all the rules and expenses involved in investing including maintenance, vacancy, annual property taxes and insurance, property management, etc.

4. The Gross Rent Multiplier to determine the annual income of a real estate investment.

5. A close watch on the real estate market so that when that perfect investment opportunity does appear, you are prepared and confident in the decision you make.